Event Staff

A lot of hard work and time is put into organizing the Central New York Hackathon. The following list recognizes the faculty and staff members that volunteer their time each semester to make this event a success.

#Event Founders
Dr. Ronny L. Bull – Organizer (Utica College)
Jake Mihevc – Organizer (Mohawk Valley Community College)
Nick Merante – Black/Red Team Lead (Mostly off hiking somewhere)

#Faculty Advisors
John Cook (Herkimer College)
Tom Mihevc (Mohawk Valley Community College)
Jason Yager (Mohawk Valley Community College)
James Rice (Mohawk Valley Community College)
Dr. Angel Rivera (Utica College)

#CTF Challenge Design
Mike Lisi – CTF Design Lead (SUNY Poly Alumni)
Kevin Stone – (Utica College Alumni)
Sean Laplant – (AIS)

#Scoring Engine Design
Tony Perez – (SUNY Poly Alumni)
Tyler Butters – (SUNY Poly Alumni)

#Black Team
Jose Vandermaas – (SUNY Poly Alumni)
Alex Stuart – (SUNY Poly Alumni)
Greta Schaller – (MVCC Alumni)
Andrew Voce – (SUNY Poly Alumni)
Sean Drzewiecki – (Utica College CS Student)
Kaitlin Trumbull – (Utica College Alumni)
Daniel Spier – (SUNY Poly Alumni)
Daniel Belic – (SUNY Poly NCS Student)
Nicholas Ingersoll – (Utica College Student)
Brian Fields – (SUNY Poly Alumni)

#Red Team
Brody Davis – (AIS)
Joe Rieth – (AIS)
Bryer Jeanotte – (AIS)
Michelle Advena – (AIS)
Tiffany Mahoney – (AIS)
Jacob Hartman – (AIS)
Eric Thayer – (AIS)
Pat Mcharris – (AIS)
Glen Roberts – (AIS)
Rick Gloo – (AIS)
Jeff Foley – (ClaritySec)
Joey Yagey – (Utica College Student)
Johnathan Wells – (Utica College Alumni)
Cody Spooner – (Utica College Student)
Nicholas Doerner – (Utica College Student)

Also special thanks goes out to all of the student assistants that have pulled all nighters helping to get ready for the event each semester!