IRC Chat

The CNY Hackathon IRC channel will remain online all year long so that participants can stay connected. To join the IRC server just download an IRC client and point it to:

In some clients such as irssi you connect using the following syntax:


Alternatively you can use the web based IRC client provided below.

We also provide a portable version of PChat here that has been approved by the college IT department for usage on their systems.

Note: While trash talking is allowed during the event please remember to keep it clean! If things get out of hand you will be banned!!!

Basic Instructions:

To set or change your handle (nickname) use the following command:

/nick your_handle

If your using a standard IRC client application (not the web version) you can join the main chat channel by using the following command:

/join #cnyhack

If you want to create a temporary chat room for your team or other discussions you can use:

/join #new_channel_name