New CNY Hackathon Network Topology Released!

As many of you have heard we are revamping the format of the CNY Hackathon event this semester to be more realistic. There will no longer be multiple rounds, instead the event will consist of two parts which will last the entire day. There will be a Capture the Flag (CTF) portion and an infrastructure portion. For the CTF portion of the event multiple virtual machines will be sitting on the WAN portion of the network that are loaded with flags for the teams to capture. When a team finds a flag they will enter it into the new scoring engine, and if it is valid then the points for that particular flag will be added to their score. The infrastructure portion of the event is geared towards network defense and administration. Students will have full virtual networks that they will have to defend against a Red Team of professional attackers. Teams will accumulate points based on service uptime checks. The object is to keep the Red Team out and keep the services up. Students will have to configure their router virtual machines at the start as well as all of the networking information and port forwarding rules for their internal server systems and workstations before they can start getting points. The first team to get their services online and open to the scoring engine will get a head start on point accumulation. The following network diagram depicts the new design: (Click the image for a larger view)

hackathon network topology