Spring 2019 – Speaker Profiles & Talks

Timothy Reed

Talk: Interesting Penetration Testing Topics and Results


Mr. Reed is the Owner of Adeptus Cyber Solutions, LLC and is
responsible for overseeing all efforts. He has over 20 years of experience
in DoD contracting, a Masters Degree in Cybersecurity (May 2015), a
Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (December 2000) and a wide
range of skills, from software development and systems administration to
offensive and defensive cyber. Mr. Reed maintains his CISSP (Certified
Information Systems Security Professional), Security+, Red Hat Certified
Systems Administrator (RHCSA) and OSCP (Offensive Security Certified
Professional) certifications.

Mr. Reed has been a developer on a defensive cyber software program
for several years and was also the lead developer on a research and
development offensive cyber capability. Mr. Reed has worked as a
penetration tester and information assurance specialist, testing Cross
Domain Systems (CDS) for the Integration Test and Evaluation Center
(ITEC) at AFRL-Rome. His work has greatly benefited the test team by
bringing years of offensive and defensive cyber, streaming video, and
networking experience. Mr. Reed’s work on testing CDSs has resulted in
significant security findings within the systems under test. Part of his work
included introducing malware and viruses into video streams, creating
alternate channels for getting malware through a file transfer CDS and
modification of network packets in an effort to exploit the network stack.

Mr. Reed has also participated on a Red Team during the Pacific Rim
Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (PR-CCDC) in March of 2015 and
has most recently joined the Red Team at the CNY Hackathon.

Jennifer Allen

Title: Workshop – Embedded Systems Hacking with the ESP32


This year’s embedded systems hacking workshop will be setting up the out-of-box ESP32s to join an ESP-MDF based meshnet and attack a challenge server that is located somewhere on the mesh.


Jenn is an offensive security professional with a hobbyist fascination for hardware hacking. She also volunteers for Darknet Industries (dcdark.net) and the Biohacking Village (dcbhv.org). She is a penetration tester working with a great red team at Splunk, Inc. Her creds include OSCP, GXPN, GMOB, GPEN, GCIH, and she is an Amateur Extra licensed ham operator in the US. She’s been working in IT for 20 years and still doesn’t know enough. Her other pastimes include philanthropic adventures, medical herbalism, fiction writing, and martial arts. She isn’t afraid of the singularity.